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Abigail's Plan American Flag Horse

Abigail's Plan Ball Field and Miracle League 

Abigail's Plan helps to provide a place and

community for special needs children!

Abigail's family from abigail's plan.

Abigail and her family.

This story started with a letter from Abigail Kidd who asked for a rubberized field for her buddies to play on. Abigail has downs syndrome and is in special needs as is her buddies. At that time all of Lawrence counties play areas were designed for kids without special needs. That was until Abigail's dad Mr. Tommy Lee Kidd decided he'd find a way for Abigail and her buddies to have an area to play and community involvement. That is when Abigail's Plan caught traction and became a reality! Today you can go by the miracle field that is in the same sports complex as the other ball fields. If you're visiting Lawrence county and have a special needs child then make sure to plan a trip to the miracle field or one of their community gatherings events. Due to the size of the special needs community in Lawrenceburg, many of the places travelers go are now ADA compliant and have accommodations to facilitate special needs of all kinds! Click on the links provided for activities and events going on this year!  

Abigail's dad Tommy Lee Kidd.

Tommy Lee Kidd is Abigail's dad and he does everything behind the scenes for Abigail and her buddies. He gets up on stage and on radio programs to talk about the miracle league and how you can get involved in their mission of helping special needs people find a community of those who love and care for them! 

abigail's dad in field construction.
The inside of abigail's field.
The outfield area of abigail's ball field.
Abigail's dad with city planner.

Bulls and Barrels Rodeo 

Benefit for Abigail's Plan 

The Bulls and Barrels Rodeo is put on to benefit Abigail's Plan and the cost of the field upkeep. 100% of the funds given to Abigail's Plan goes to the funding of these miracle fields for special needs children. The rodeo bulls are from the Premier Bulls Tour so click Here to see these bulls and riders. Make sure to go to the Abigail's Plan website and read their story. Follow them on facebook if you're planning a trip to see them at the miracle field to be kept up to date faster. 

A bull in full kick at a rodeo.

If you have been to one of these event or know how much Abigail's Plan has affected the community and would like to leave us feedback then go on below the video and leave us a comment or rating! 

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Abigail's Plan

Name: Abigail's Plan

Description: Abigail's Plan Ball Field and Miracle League is a place and community for special needs people to play and get to know one another.

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Abigail’s Plan

Abigail’s Plan

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