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Bridge in Iron City Tennessee.

About Lawrence County Life

Want to know more about Lawrence county?

We hope to give you a short description of the history of Lawrence county and it's towns!

I would love to say we had this miraculous story of epic proportion that brought our county into historic notoriety but we didn't. We were cut out of surrounding counties in 1817 and named after Captain James Lawrence after the war of 1812. During that year a young David Crockett came to live and start his political career and shaped a lot of Lawrence counties decisions. After a few years the boundaries settled and outer regions were annexed just after president Andrew Jackson put his military road right through the county from north to south while removing the Native Americans along the road that run east to west we call highway 64.  These new roads and the newly formed railways brought people to the area to cut timber, farm cotton, and put in mills next to our many streams and rivers. Then the civil war started up and stopped most of our progress and the local battle grounds can be visited to this day. The railroads came in to haul out the iron ore found in the southern parts of Lawrence county that put us on the map.

Amish corn rows.
large victorian home called the garrett house.
Lady showing how to sew on an old loom in period clothes.
Old camp site reenactment of the civil war.

Lawrenceburg had grown enough to get a proper courthouse and eventually power from a power station in 1908 that would give electricity to a small area of the city. James D. Vaughan came to the Lawrenceburg downtown square soon after the power station was put in and did several amazing things. He is the father of gospel music and created the first professional quartets to go out and sell his hymnals. He would do book publishing and have a school of music where he taught singing to what is called a "shape note" to students. In 1922 Vaughan bought WOAN radio station, the first commercial station in Tennessee to broadcast his songs. He also had a record pressing factory and became mayor of the town.  During world war 2 there were several soldiers from Lawrence county who served. There was even a German p.o.w. camp in Lawrence county. In 1944 a few Amish families came to Lawrence county looking for farm land. Now we have over 300 Amish families living in Lawrence county. Soon after the Korean war, the Murray Ohio Manufacturing came to down and became our largest employer until our division closed. The 1970's and 80's seen The Farm Community establish themselves in Summertown TN from buses from California living in a commune you can still visit today. We also had to relocate our court house off the square to its new location on highway 64. Retirement living has been bringing in people from all over the country now that we have no smoke stack industries and our air and water quality score well and housing is affordable.  Today we have many advantages that inspire people to come to Lawrence county, use the information on this website to help you plan your next trip to Lawrence county!

old microphone used by james d. vaughan.
Big red store in appleton tn.
Amish boy cutting grass.
old catholic church in st. joe


Lawrenceburg has changed but it still looks like you stepped back in time, in a good way! The Big Red Store in Appleton TN is the first mall in America with 2 stories and originally a sky light in 1905. President Jackson's military road and the railroad brought many things to Lawrence county and set us up for a great place to work and live! 

Girl with umbrella in front of victorian house.
The old wilburn mill in lawrence county.

Lawrence county has many impressive places to see that were built by quality craftsman! 

The Wilburn mill is so old we don't know when it was built. It was working before the civil war and is still standing. The people of Lawrence county have a long history of building impressive structures. Many engineers and inventors have lived in Lawrence county!

You can look far and wide. You wont find a place like Lawrence county!

3 Areas Lawrence County Excels In!

Lawrence county is a really safe place to raise a family or retire. There are many activities to do here, especially outdoors. The parks are great and there are plenty of sporting facilities in the area. You wont find many problems finding something to do in Lawrence county! We have all the amenities of a city in a smaller package!

Cost of living is really low and there is affordable housing in the county with plenty of room for a big yard and pool. The Lawrence county area towns are relatively small and offer a quiet place to walk around the neighborhood. You'll find that Lawrence county living is very affordable! 

It is said that Lawrence county is the slow lane of life. To many people are crowded onto highways and interstates today and have houses or apartments right beside other people. Some people would like to have a slower pace of life and room away from others.. If this is you then you've come to the right place! 

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About Lawrence County TN Life

About Lawrence County LifeWant to know more about Lawrence county?We hope to give you a short description of the history of Lawrence county and it’s towns! I would love to say we had this miraculous story of epic proportion that brought our county into historic notoriety but we didn’t. We were cut out of surrounding Keep Visiting!

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About Lawrence County TN Life

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About Lawrence County TN Life

About Lawrence County TN Life

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