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David Crockett Statue In Lawrenceburg TN

About the Visit Lawrenceburg TN Founders

older dads odp with alana2

older dads odp with alana2

Michael Pilkinton

Local Lawrenceburgians should recognize Michael as he's at most events and around town taking photos. He did own Fields of Tara Productions before opening The Progeny Adventure Group LLC. He is in all their live shows and produces all content for the Progeny LLC companies. His daughter Alana is in most of his content and is the reason he started his media companies. 

Josh and David.

Josh and David.

Josh Brown

It's no surprise Josh is the CFO of The Progeny Adventure Group LLC since he has an MBS from Trevecca college. Josh is best known as The Crockett Coonhound where he tells stories and tips to those who want to balance country living and an adventurous spirit. Josh and his son David are in many videos together and they cover the father to son sections of our shows. 

older dads tourism stand

older dads tourism stand

Visit Lawrenceburg TN is the creation of Michael Pilkinton who served on the tourism association board of Lawrence county from 2010-2016. During that time he was educated about the tourism industry and destination marketing but was never able to combine all the elements necessary for a fully functioning tourism solution. Visit Lawrenceburg Tn is his way of putting together all the things he was taught and what he's been able to learn after his time in the tourism association. In 2014 Michael had health issues that threatened his life and in 2016 he had heart surgery and his daughter who was 14 weeks early and had to spend 89 days in the nicu at St. Thomas in Nashville TN. During this time he created several other tourism solutions and shows about parenting with his long time friend Josh Brown who had just got his MBS (masters of business science) from Travecca University. Together they make  up the Progeny Adventure Group LLC who is the owner of Visit Lawrenceburg Tn. As time went by Michael met John Mitchell who is a fellow preemie dad and photographer who is the camera man when Micheal and Josh are on video.   

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