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Have a green thumb? take it to the UT Agriculture Extension Office to learn horticulture and how to plant successfully! The Ag office have a master gardener certification process that is taught by UT professors and many professionals in the planting and gardening trade!  

The Master Gardener Program 

agriculture extension office in lawrenceburg tn

The Agriculture Extension Office has many agents who can make diagnostic troubleshooting calls on plants and answer questions you may have on agriculture in the area. This office is also where you take your dirt samples to be sent off for PH testing. There are many things to do for those wanting more out of their gardens and plants at the UT Agriculture Extension Office! They have 4-H and other club meetups for school age kids as well! 

exhibit at the agriculture extension office in lawrenceburg tn

Every year from January through April the master gardener classes begin at the Agriculture Extension Office. There is no better way to beat the winter blues for someone who loves plants! The lectures are taught from UT professors and those who specialize in certain areas of plant life! You will learn all kinds of information from these classes. There are also hands on sections of these classes that are put on by the master gardeners themselves!  

plants at the ag extension office in lawrenceburg tn

There are greenhouses on the side of the office building that house the seed starting operations for the annual plant sale the Ag Office puts on. These seeds are great because they're selected by the agents for their hearty produce. Fruit trees and ornamental bushes line the rest of the area for those who want to get a few fruits. There is a garden section with flowers next to their out building. Make sure to check out the master gardener classes!

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Agriculture Extension Office
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