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Lawrence county ADA and Special Needs information

Having a disability or special needs is challenging enough and not knowing if a place is ADA compliant is hard to plan around. In Lawrence county, most of our places of interest are ADA compliant or have ways for medical needs to be met!

Abigail's field at entrance

With the completion of Abigail's Plan ball field, many special needs people with their families started coming to Lawrence county. Lawrenceburg had to change and there was many complaints to business owners who weren't ADA compliant to make the adjustments to facilitate wheelchair ramps and wider doors. Today the area has already made those changes and that is great for disabled people to get in and out of our places of interest.

abigail's plan family
visit Lawrenceburg tn abigails plan rodeo

Abigail's Plan also brought people from the special needs community with various conditions. Locals weren't used to seeing people with these conditions in public so there was a period of time where the locals were getting used to people with special needs and disabilities. Abigail Kidd and her dad Tommy Lee Kidd were very active on getting the word out about the special needs community and disabled people on the radio and online. The local community were very accepting seeing this new community and how many persons in the local area were part of the community. This led to the building of the Abigail's Plan ball field and the Bulls and Barrels Rodeo. If you can come during the season, you can see the miracle league play and meet others in the community!

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Lawrence county is a safe place for your next trip that includes persons with disabilities or special needs. Fitting in and thriving in an accepting new place goes a long way for the person with disabilities to have a good time.  We will add to the list below of places we know to to accommodating to people with disabilities or special needs.  

  • Lodging - David Crockett State Park has specific units for disabled persons. All other hotels are ADA compliant.
  • Restaurants - All fast food places in Lawrence county have to be ADA compliant by law. As far as locally owned places we recommend, we know the following are ADA compliant.  
  • Things to do - Unfortunately some of our buildings are older so they are still under the codes before the ADA.  
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