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Local Area Events

The Visit Lawrenceburg TN advice we give is for you to plan your vacation around certain events so that you can include them in your itinerary with the main area attractions! We have several local area events in the Lawrence and Giles county area throughout the year. Lawrenceburg and Pulaski are not far from each other so it's easy to attend events while staying in the city. We have many music events and concerts that are put on by the Chamber of Commerce and the Parks and Recreations departments each year. There are other concerts and events put on in the area. Here are a list of the most popular. Click the link to the calendar that list all the events we can find or sent to our team.

The Most Popular Events

mtndf concert crowd shot

Middle TN District Fair

The Fair in Lawrenceburg is a district fair which means it is put on for the southern middle Tennessee district. That is why it is so large and has so many things to do! Make sure to plan your trip during the fair if you want a week of fun with fair events! Click the link below for more information!

james d. vaughan festival crowd shot

James D. Vaughan Festival 

Lawrenceburg is the birthplace of southern gospel so it's no surprise that we hold a large southern gospel concert series every year to celebrate the man who started it all. Mr James D. Vaughan was a pioneer in publishing songs in his hymnal and had the first radio station in Tennessee!

freedom fest in lawrenceburg tn

4th of July Freedom Festival

If you want to see commercial fireworks like they have on TV then come out for the 4th of July Fireworks show we call Freedom Fest! This Chamber of Commerce event is now put on by LawCo Social and has a main stage with music acts and plenty of activities for kids to do. The vendors bring out a selection of foods and drinks perfect for summer fun!

Other Popular Events

tractor parade at crossroads of dixie tractor show

Antique Tractor and Engine Show

The Crossroads of Dixie Antique tractor and Engine Show brings in people from all over the country! There isn't many events like this one! There is so many tractors and farm equipment here. Don't think it's just for old tractor, there are cutting edge new designs here as well. They also have a kiddy pull and other events for kids so bring them along!

summertown bluegrass reunion

Summertown Bluegrass Reunion 

For traditional bluegrass music fans, you can't do any better than the Summertown Bluegrass Reunion. This biannual event brings in people from all over to see the "buck dancers" in action! This rare old toe tapping dance is truly a sight to see so click the link below and plan your next visit to include this event! 

visit Lawrenceburg tn abigails plan rodeo

Bulls and Barrels Rodeo

This event is all about roping , riding, and flying. Flying through the air that is! These bulls and broncos are tough and strong and many riders get thrown around! There are barrel racing, calf roping, and many more activities. The proceeds of this rodeo go to the Abigail's Plan ball field for those with special needs. This rodeo is a must see event so make plans now to attend! 

Popular Festivals 

second saturadays heritage festival on lawrenceburg tn square

Second Saturdays on the Square

Every 2nd Saturday of each moth from May through October we have our 2nd Saturday event on the square! We usually have a few live music acts and a theme that governs the event. For example we have 50's night where the town comes dressed up in the period attire with classic cars from the same era. You also need to come hungry, the food vendors and food trucks bring the best treats around! These events vary so make sure to see what event is planed on your visit.

2nd amendment rally at topgun arms

2nd Amendment Rally at Topgun Arms  

Topgun Arms is the place you want to be to shoot in their 12 lane indoor  gun range. Topgun has a 2nd amendment rally where they have helicopters fly in and a music act on stage before a famous group of speakers who talk about issues around the rights we have as citizens. There are many giveaways and chances to win products at the event. Plus the food is from Hinie's BBQ, so make plans to come here during you stay! 

trail of tears walks

Trail of Tears Memorial Walks

Lawrence and Giles counties have a rich history of Native Americans in the area and have events dedicated to the remembrance of the first peoples. There are many places where the Bell route of the trail of tears carried the native people out from their land to Oklahoma. There are places where the road was not paved so you can literally walk the same trail the first peoples took. Take the time to see these areas and take part in the events! 

More Popular Festivals 

Relay for Life Festival

Relay for Life Festivals

The relay for life events are for those who lost their lives due to cancer. Every year in Lawrence and Giles counties there is a Relay for Life 5k and concert series. The square in Pulaski and the football field in Lawrenceburg is where this event usually takes place. There is a crafts fair and vendors who sell handmade items at each event so come hungry and bring some cash for the interesting items!

ice cream festival in pulaski tn

Ice Cream Festival in Pulaski TN 

The Ice Cream Festival in Pulaski is a great way to sample ice cream and other snacks as competitors compete for the top spots! This event requires you to vote on the winner so make sure you get plenty of second opinions! Kids naturally are drawn to this event and there are vendors who bring activities for the kids to play on while out on a hot summer day! Make sure to come by and get a scoop or two while on your next vacation!

milk drop festival in pulaski tn

Milk drop festival in Pulaski tn Square

One of the strangest events you'll see while on vacation in the milk drop in Pulaski. This event commemorates a local event that happened years ago and started up again a few years back. The officials in the courthouse must try to pour the most milk in the glass being held by those on the ground below. It is strange but all in good fun! There is a festival that goes with the event that is similar to the Ice cream festival so make plans to be here this year! 

More Popular Festivals 

veterans day parade

Veterans Day Parades

Lawrenceburg is home to the Mexican War monument and a German POW camp. There has always been a strong military presence here after David Crockett went to fight at the Alamo over Texas. We have a lot of military history to be proud of here in Lawrenceburg! 

christmas parade in lawrenceburg tn

Christmas Parades 

The Lawrenceburg square gets all lit up during the Christmas season for the tree lighting celebration. The annual Christmas parade is put on by the Chamber of Commerce and attracts everyone around the local area to get in on the free candy and kids activities!  .

classic car clubs drive in's

Classic car club drive in's

Many of the great classic cars you see in magazines and television can be seen right here in Lawrenceburg. We get several retirees in the area that bring in their classic cars and fix them up. There are big events where every classic car are lined up so make sure to see them during your next stay!

Seasonal Festivals 

christmas in the country

Christmas in the Country 

The Christmas in the country event is put on by the chamber of commerce at rotary park. This event takes up 3 gyms with all the arts and crafts you can see! There are activities for the kids and some vendors that attract the fellas. You can even find musical instruments, foods, and cooking celebrities here. There is a lot of things to see at this event so plan on a few hours to see it all! 

4th of july celebration at the big red store

4th of July Festival at the big red store 

The 4th of July is known as our independence day and the big red store has plenty of history of our countries independence inside. The big red store is so important that the visit Lawrenceburg tn team makes multiple content places for it. The 4th of July event is great to see civil war reenactment soldiers that shoot cannons at this event. Bring the kids out for a day of history and southern living!

crockett days at state park

David Crockett Days at Crockett Park

Every August David Crockett State Park has their annual 4 day long celebration of David Crockett's birthday we call "Crockett Day's". Longhunters from the area dressed up in buckskins to camp in period accurate accommodations to portray the life and times of David Crockett. You'll see many campfire demonstrations on cooking and watch them compete for prizes!  

More Seasonal Events 

cora's christmas santa

Cora's Christmas

Cora's Christmas is an event put on by Jessica Yokley who's daughter Cora was stillborn. So every year Jessica and her husband give gifts to the local kids during Christmas. This event starts off with Santa arriving on a fire engine around the square and every child getting their photo taken with Santa as they hand them a girl or boy gift. There are usually over a thousand kids to show up at the event so please be patient.

santa on the square in lawrenceburg tn

Santa on the square

The Lawrenceburg Main Street division put on this event every year with Santa coming on a train! Yes, the person who plays Santa Clause comes in on a train and walks down the street to the pavilion on the square for parents to take their own photos. Its a great event with many attendees. The local stores around the square have specials going on so make sure to get in the shops to get a great deal!

christmas at the big red store

Christmas at the big red store

Just as th 4th of July event was on our list, the Christmas event is should definitely be on your list! The old wood stove in the middle of the store gets fired up and the characters get to telling their stories as depicted by the era they're enacting! The Christmas event here is the perfect way to go back in time to when the county was founded and see how people bought and sold things to the big red store!

Other towns events

loretto tn farmers market event

Oktoberfest in Loretto TN

The Loretto area was built by German immigrates who came up from Alabama. So every year the city of Loretto has their annual celebration of Oktoberfest where the town puts on activities related to their German heritage! Also the variety of the event changes wildly so make sure you subscribe to our list so you can stay up to date with this event!

a cry for help in iron city

A cry for help concert in Iron City

So far Tennessee is reluctant to make cannabis legal so every year Sycamore Campground in Wayland Springs has a concert series to bring awareness to legalizing marijuana. This event also features speakers from the police department so it's perfectly safe and worth going to hear the music and eat one of a kind tacos and burgers at the taco shack next door!

truck and tractor pull at rotary park

Truck and Tractor Pulls

Lawrenceburg has a many truck and tractor pulls at Rotary Park. These events are very loud so make sure to bring your ear protection, your apatite for the local food trucks, and a few hours for some mud slinging power as these trucks and tractors rip up the ground as they pull against the sled and the timer! Kids also have activities they can participate in!

Other events

mill Creek Festival

Mill Creek Festival

When was the last time you went on a hay ride, ate catfish and bbq plates, and shopped for local handmade good? Well you can here at the Mill Creek Festival! It's located at the Antioch UMC where you can shop 20+ vendors for handmade crafts. Lunch will include hamburgers, hotdogs, stew, and more! Our famous fried pies, ice cream, and other sweet treats and bake sale booth to take home a few homemade goodies!
Bring the kids crafts, face painting, balloons, and wagon rides!

Monster Trucks in Lawrenceburg TN

Monster Trucks 

Lawrenceburg has car crushing, high jumping, mud slinging monster trucks from Clash of the Monster Truck circuit! Kids love this event and there are many truck memorabilia sold at the arena. You can also get the ear muffs you'll need to wear since these trucks are very loud so be prepared for the raw horsepower these trucks can put out when they go into a spin and crush some cars! This event has a few trucks to ride you around the side track in an open truck so come early and have a great time!

ice cream festival in pulaski tn

Touch a truck 

Both Lawrenceburg and Pulaski have their touch a truck event on their squares along with other events. In this event, the kids are allowed to climb in firetrucks, military vehicles, police and ambulances, along with city work trucks like school buses, street sweepers, garbage trucks, and dump trucks. The children can put on hardhats and pull on the sirens and lights that make these vehicles sound off and get attention. Of course the staff is right there to give a seminar of how everything works. You simply must come to the touch a truck events!

More info for events

walk through history demo

Historical Events 

History has always been important to those in Lawrence county. We do have occasional events to celebrate our history like Crockett days, the big red store events, Vaughan fest and other but unfortunately there isn't many to carry on the historical events so make sure to recommend an event and attend the events already included to make sure the event carries on to the next year!

200th year anniversary in Lawrenceburg tn

Lawrenceburg TN Square

The square in Lawrenceburg is home to many events and new events may pop up so be sure to see the fine people over at LawCo Social. Its those at LawCo Social who put on the Second Saturdays and pretty much every event on the Lawrenceburg square. Take the link below over to their website to get the latest news and schedule of events. 

touch a truck in pulaski tn

Pulaski TN Square

The Pulaski square still has it's original courthouse so this square is much more active than the Lawrenceburg square. Their events are put on by their Chamber of Commerce and they are happy to get out and get sponsors to make large events so make sure to look around on their page. The ice cream festival and milk drop and the touch a truck events are just a few events they put on!

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The Lawrence and Giles county area have many great events throughout the year. Make sure to plan your vacation around these great events! There are a mix of music and craft shows you can go to!

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Local Area EventsThe Visit Lawrenceburg TN advice we give is for you to plan your vacation around certain events so that you can include them in your itinerary with the main area attractions! We have several local area events in the Lawrence and Giles county area throughout the year. Lawrenceburg and Pulaski are not far Keep Visiting!

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