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The Crossroads of Dixie Antique Tractor and Engine Show

Lawrence county has a long history of being an agricultural producer of farming products. If you drive around the county on one of our driving tours, you'll see that Lawrence county is still a farming community! The Antique Tractor and Engine Show is our way of showing many varieties of the farmers most valuable tool in the field. the tractor! Old tractors, new tractors and even racing tractors!

The event starts off on a Friday with a flea market sale in the rotary buildings and around the main area, the wagon backing, barrel rolling, and the blind mans race and ends with a traditional tractor pull. The Saturday event extends the market sales along with a gospel singing in the gazebo. Then they have an antique parade of tractors and a kiddie pull where kids can pull a sled with a pedal tractor. Just after lunch the women's skillet throw where you'll see ladies toss a skillet like they were mad at the man in their lives! Then the slow race is on where the racers have to go as slow as they can without stalling their tractor, the last one to finish is the winner! When the sun goes down the smoke goes up from the tractor pull. These tractors come from the big league of pulling and barely resemble the farm tractor. Make sure to bring your earplugs because these tractors are powerful!   

Here are a few examples from last years events!

antique tractor and engine show lawrenceburg tnshow

Antique Tractors

New tractors are really advanced and technology has been driving them forward for quite a while now. It's nice to see how tractors and farm equipment have changed and seeing these old antique tractors are one way of preserving the past! Its nice to show kids what farmers had to use years ago!

kiddie pull at antique tractor and engine show lawrenceburg tn

The Kiddie Pull

A lot of events are made for kids and here at the Antique Tractor and Engine Show, we've made it possible for a boys and girls to peddle a tractor and pull a sled just like the large tractors do! there is also breakout sessions where seminars are given about farming and livestock throughout the event! 

tractor pull at the antique tractor and engine show lawrenceburg tn

The Friday Pull

Today's tractor is similar to tractors 20 years ago but with modern electronics and attachments. The Friday pull is from your larger pulling tractors but not as powerful or fast as the Tractors that will pull on Saturday night. Some of these are your large farm tractors you've seen before but always wanted to see how they would do against a sled!

fairest of the fair kids on tractor

Area Tractors

We love our tractors and farm equipment here in Lawrence county! We put our fairest of the fair ladies on them and feature tractors in our Christmas parade downtown. People from all over come to this event so make plans for this years event!

antique tractor and engine show tractor pull lawrenceburg tn

The Saturday Pull

The Saturday Tractor Pull is a sanctioned pull from the professionals you'd see on tv. You will definitely need to bring hearing protection for any kids you bring with you or for yourselves. These tractors are very powerful and fast! 

james d. vaughan museum lawrenceburg tn

Area Attractions 

If you're coming in from out of town then please consider seeing some of our other attractions. There is quite a lot to see and do here in Lawrence county so plan on staying another night and seeing a few of our tourism places on your way out!

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Crossroads of Dixie Tractor Show
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