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Welcome to The Big Red Store

big red store in appleton tn
house next door to big red store
stairway at the big red store
right side of entrance of big red store
upstairs on the right at the big red store

The Big Red Store in Appleton

   As you pull up in the parking area you'll see the official sign that tells the story of how the big red store was the first mall in America and the former largest country store. The Big Red Store is one of Lawrence County's must see historical attractions. You must come see their soda fountain that was said to be the fanciest soda fountain in the south.

       The Big Red Store was built on the meeting place of cotton farmers would meet to weigh their cotton before getting it on wagons to be sold. This meeting ground led to the store opening in 1902 and had a great business until it closed in 1950. The store included a few merchants you wouldn't normally see today. Imagine having a dress maker, casket factory, apothecary, doctors office, coffee roaster, hat maker, and more in the two level store!    

   Since 2006 the big red store has been a museum for tourist to see how people used the store. There are many things to do and see while you're at the store. Every kid likes getting in a coffin or the outhouse for a photo. The doctors quarters and chemist station is just behind a double stairway that is still setup with apothecary bottles and tools used for making medicines. Outside the doctors room was a pulley system where after hours medical calls would ring for the doctor and he would lower the medicine down to the person in a bucket. There are many things to see and learn here in this historic store, Plus there is a lot to see while on your way from Lawrenceburg. The area is known for having one of the last civil war battles in Tennessee just down the road at sugar creek and Mount Zion Church. Below is a list of things you simply must do! 

Call 1-931-556-2023 and leave a message when you plan on visiting The Big Red Store. Also bring some cash to put into the donations. The big red store is free but any donation would be appreciated.  

5 Things to do at

The Big Red Store.

  1. 1
    See the soda fountain when you first come in.
  2. 2
    Check out the casket factory and slide that would send the caskets down from the top floor to the bottom.
  3. 3
     See doctor area in the back of the store where the doctor would mix chemicals and send them down by pulley. 
  4. 4
    Check out the out house and quilt at the back of the store outside.
  5. 5
     See the house next door and other area attractions on the scenic drive to another destination. 

Authors Notes

What I like about The Big Red Store

Have you ever been to a place where you feel like you went back in time? This is how I feel inside the big red store. It's as if I'm back in the 1900's going in to buy something from a merchant. You can just sense the heat from the wood stove, hear boots on the creaky wood floors, and hear the caskets beings nailed together upstairs. Go inside and look around and I'll bet you feel it to. Plus its a great place to take your kids and have personal time with them on the way!

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