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david crockett state at night

Lawrenceburg is a great place to visit and live. We are the birthplace of southern gospel music and where David Crockett began his political career!

This homepage is a general description of places in Lawrence county! Check out our other pages if you're looking for specific information!

Lawrence county Tennessee is halfway between Memphis and Chattanooga from east to west and halfway between Nashville TN and Huntsville Alabama to the north to south. But to us, we're the center of fun! 

The Visit Lawrenceburg TN website seeks to help you find your next awesome adventure in Lawrence county or Lawrenceburg its county seat. There is always something to do and see here so make sure to look around this website!

People come to Lawrence county to see something different!

Here is our top 3 national attractions!

old microphone used by james d. vaughan.

The James D. Vaughan Museum 

Southern gospel music as we know it today was started by James D. Vaughan. He taught a system of what is called "shape notes" that are in the same place as standard music but have different shapes to them. He would gather professional singers into quartets and send them out to sing from his song books. Make sure to see his museum where you will learn so much about his life and the equipment he used. He pioneered music as we know it before Nashville was Music City. Click the button below!

amish boy on plow

The Old Order Amish Community 

In 1944 a caravan of 3 Amish families moved to Lawrence county from Mississippi looking for farmland. They were from the Swartzentruber old order Amish community who follow strict rules and have no modern conveniences like electricity. Today the non Amish are called "the english" and are not considered part of the church so be sure to check out our Amish page for our advice and how to plan your Amish Adventure. Click the button below to see our Amish Adventures Page!

bucky ball amphitheater at the farm

The Farm Community 

One of the more interesting places you can visit anywhere. The Farm is a place you can go or stay to learn alternative energy techniques, advanced yoga, and vegetarian cooking. You can inoculate a log for mushrooms or learn planting and permaculture cultivation if you're into gardening. Kids are very welcome and have their own play areas. There is plenty to do and The Farm Community complements the Amish tours we recommend. We can help you plan you trip with the button below!

Lawrence county has a wide selection of attractions for visitors and locals. This graph shows our estimations from our research on what percentage goes to our top 5 attraction divisions*!

Area museums

local events



Outdoor recreation

Amish Community

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*Most visitors do a combination of activities. See our itineraries web page for ideas on how to plan your adventure to Lawrence county!

view from top of stairs in old building.

Lawrence county has items on display you won't see unless you're in the museums. These museums are a great way to remember the past or show kids how it was years ago and let them see how settlers did their work without modern technology! The Amish still to this day, don't use modern day technologies which makes these museums a good reference before going out into Amish country.  

Here are a few more museums you must see!

amish home with windmill.

Amish Heritage Farm Museum 

This museum is the best way to see the first Amish home in Lawrence county. At the museum you can also learn all about the Amish and go out on a horse drawn buggy ride into the Amish community with a guide who is entertaining and informative. You also have a chance to participate in seasonal activities such as churning butter, shucking corn, stringing beans, and more. This museum a must see for families with kids. Click the button below to see our page with more information.     

old jail building.

Old Jail Museum 

Set aside a few hours for this museum because it has so much inside to see. It was an actual jail at one time and still has the jail cells you can use to make those awkward photos of you locked up in a cell on social media. There is a lot of local history represented as well and is simply a must see for anyone moving to Lawrence county.   It's a great place to bring kids to teach them how we did things back a long time ago and if they don't like it, you can put them in jail!

telephone museum with work truck outside.

Passarella Phone Museum

It's rare that you get a 2 for 1 special on a free museum that also doubles as an old vs new technology time line. The Ralph J. Passarella telephone museum is the perfect place to go if you're one who loves being on the phone. The modern phone is more like a computer with text to read or videos to watch but the modern cell phone has a history that is all chronicled here at the Passarella museum. You get the best of both here in this museum! 

Lawrence county is perfect for those who love history! We have the first mall in America and the fanciest soda fountain in the south. A huge Victorian mansion on the registry of national historic homes. And some old churches you just have to see! Make sure to check out out complete list of historical place in Lawrence county!

Lawrence county has many historical places you have to see

big red store in appleton tn.

The Big Red Store

Regarded as the first mall in America The Big Red Store is one of Lawrence county's must see attractions. Since 1905 the big red store has been bringing people in to see things they never had seen before. Imagine walking into this 2 story building with tailors who made dresses, a coffin factory upstairs, and an apothecary in the back where the doctor lived.  The Big Red Store also sported the fanciest soda machine in the south that is still there. This is a great place to bring your family for an imaginative experience since it's still set up like it was years ago.  

large victorian home called the garrett house.

The Garrett House

Just south of the square, and right across the street from the David Crockett House is a beautiful Queen Anne Victorian home on The National Register of Historic Places. The Garrett House is only open for events so only a few lucky people will ever get to see inside it. Mr. James W. Garrett was a school teacher and mayor of Lawrenceburg who originally built the home in 1895. The home was bought and fully restored by Bob and Teresa Kelly who turned this home into the magnificent mansion it is today!

old catholic church in st. joe

St. Joseph Church

The cities of Saint Joseph and Loretto were settled by German Catholics who built these churches in the 1870's. Loretto still has an Oktoberfest celebration still to this day to honor the German settlers to this area. You must get prior information to the staff to get a tour to the church so plan ahead. Even if you're not Catholic you'll love the churches tour. The attention to detail workmanship is very interesting and the living quarters of a priest during this time period is very seldom scene by anyone. Click the button below to learn more and get you on the next tour!

Visitors come from all over to attend our famous events! Some events need tickets because they're in demand and have limited seating while some events draw really large crowds so make plans to attend one of our many events.

The best multi-day events Lawrenceburg has to offer!

Middle Tennessee District Fair  (MTDF)

The first thing you'll notice upon entering is just how large this fair is! That's because it's a district fair that is meant to represent the middle Tennessee area. There's so many things to do and see here and this fair goes on for a full week! We have a whole page devoted to the fair that will walk you through exactly what you need to do to get the most out of the fair. Also see our video page where we show events within the past years fair. Kids naturally have a great time with all the rides and games and still has connections to Lawrence county's rural heritage in the exhibitions area. We also have a large livestock area and petting zoo to show the kids and those new to farming a few things about raising animals on a farm. The main events are held in the new grandstands and feature a wide variety of things to see. The fair always has a famous music act to play as well. You can't help but to have a great time at the Middle Tennessee District Fair!

James D. Vaughan Southern Gospel Music Festival

You can always tell when Vaughan fest comes to town. All the motels are full and tour buses flock to the Crockett Theater. This event gets bigger every year so buy your tickets early if you want a seat. Every night opens with the Kelly's singing then that nights groups come in at various times. The groups that perform are the biggest in the nation and all of the best bands want to play here at the Crockett Theater since Lawrenceburg Tennessee is the birthplace of southern gospel music. Every day around noon of the festival they have other groups that perform, then they'll let out so you can go to the James D. Vaughan museum or go see the Amish while you're in town! By 6pm that night you'll hear that toe tapping, hands clapping sound of The Kelly's singing in the start of a new night of singing! The bands and groups that perform set up tables in front of the theater to sell cd's and sign autographs. Click the button below for our page!

Events for those who love a country kind of Living

The Tractor and Engine Show

Lawrence county has always been a farming community. We have tractors everywhere you look. Our fairs, events, and even the Christmas parade feature the tractor as the symbol of our rural heritage so it's a great delight to have the Tractor and Engine Show for a weekend of farming fun. There are events just for kids here so bring them with you! Please click the button below to see our page devoted to this great event so you can plan your trip accordingly to be here in Lawrenceburg during the Tractor and Engine Show!

Bulls and Barrels Rodeo  

If you like bulls and bucking broncos then you'll love the Bulls and Barrels Rodeo. The proceeds go to Abigail's Plan, a non profit that benefits special needs children. This event features some of the finest riders in the country riding the fieriest bulls and broncos you've ever seen. The audience dresses up for this event locally and there is many things for kids to do. There is also barrel racing and calf roping as well. The vendors sell western wares if you find yourself without a hat so click the button and saddle up!      

bluegrass band in summertown bluegrass reunion event.

Summertown Bluegrass Reunion

If you've never seen someone buck dance then you're missing out. The Summertown Bluegrass Reunion draws a crowd from all over the country to see the live entertainment of new and old bluegrass music. This event only happens during Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend so you must book during this time. The tickets are sold at the gate and you must bring your own chairs. We list everything you need on our page linked in the button below. It's kid friendly and they love when kids dance along on the boards! 

Lawrenceburg Tennessee is the birthplace of southern gospel music and right between the Nashville and Muscle Shoals music scene so musical talent is right in our area. We have many concert and art festivals throughout the year you should attend!

Performance Arts and Local Music Scene!

crowd shot during the james d. vaughan festival.

Shows at Crockett Theater

There are several concerts and plays performed at the Historic Crockett Theater each year. This theater opened in 1950 and still looks like the day it opened. The sound inside is incredible and it seats 1,265 people but don't wait on buying tickets at the door, get them while you can because the Crockett theater sells out most of it's shows. Click the button below for our page so you plan on catching an act on your visit! 

Second Saturdays Monthly Festivals

From May to October on the 2nd Saturday of the month, starting about 5pm-9pm we have our "Second Saturdays" festivals for our locals on the square. There is a theme for every event and live music. Vendors of various cuisine offer up street foods and crafts so attendees can stroll around looking at the diverse offerings and listening to the musical acts. These events are a great way to network and meet people.  

the kellys band singing on the square

Local Concert and Festivals

Being halfway between Nashville and Muscle Shoals means we can get several high quality music acts to our festivals and concert. The majority of music writers live in this area to be close to Music City and perform their songs at these events so you never know who you may see. We have up and coming acts as well so you may see someone at our shows you see next on a major stage. Make sure to check our our page with the button below! 

David Crockett started his political career in Lawrence county so you'll see his name everywhere in town!

The sign in front of david crockett park.

David Crockett State Park

The park system in Tennessee is already great but David Crockett Park is one of the best and most fully featured parks you'll see. They have Leed certified cabins and a great restaurant within walking distance to the lake. This park is a dream for walkers and runners. There are wide paved trails and narrow wild trails so you can decide your level of terrain. Children areas are large and clear to view from the roads with plenty of picnic tables for those who need one. There are many RV hookups and shower areas and an amphitheater for summer shows. Click on the button for our page or go onto the park website to book your cabin adventure or RV bay today!  

The david crockett park cabins.
Ribbon cutting at the trail of tears in david crockett park.
A hey ride through david crockett park.
Paddle boats in david crockett park.
Girls hiding under trail bridge in david crockett park.
Lindsey lake in david crockett park.
Crockett Mills restaurant at crockett park.
Crockett museum at crockett park.
A water wheel at crockett park in lawrenceburg tn.
Wooden water wheel at crockett park.
A state certified sign showing the trail of tears.
A buck deer going across the road in david crockett park.
david crockett statue in lawrenceburg tn

David Crockett was originally from east Tennessee and moved to Lawrence county in 1817 when Lawrence county was first founded. Crockett had come from a rough upbringing that made him perfect for political life so Lawrence county was where he first began his political career. You can read all about the life and times of David Crockett in this WIKI page!

Here are other David Crockett themed places!

david crockett house

The David Crockett House

David Crockett moved around in Lawrence county and had several businesses so the city of Lawrenceburg put up a house we call the Crockett house to show what a home looked like during the era David Crockett lived in. Many of the things you've heard about David Crockett were mythologized so the museum at David Crockett State Park and here at the house museum is one way you can discover the truth about the man David Crockett! 

The brick building of crockett theater in lawrenceburg tn.

The Crockett Theater

This wonderful theater is one of the pride and joys of Lawrence county. The Crockett theater opened in 1950 and still looks like the style it was born in. The theater seats 1,265 people and has "big man" seats on the ends. The upstairs area looks over the floor section for additional seating. The curtains still fold in the middle which opens every show. You really feel like you are back in 1950 in this theater!

Square front building of the crockett cinema.

Crockett Cinema

 When you're ready for a dinner and a movie we have the perfect place. If you're staying at the Richland Inn or Villa Inn then you're walking distance to the cinema and just a short drive for the other motels in the area. The Crockett Cinema has 4 theaters inside and displays all modern movies on the day of release. You can eat inside the usual concession area foods or take in a nearby restaurant listed on our recommendations on our page!

Outdoor living leads to outdoor life, and Lawrence county has some of the best outdoor activities you'll find. When you go out looking for an adventure that is sure to get you back on the path, then come to Lawrence county

Get through the woods and into the water!

People floating down the creek in a tube from crockett shoals tubing.

Crockett Shoals Tubing Company

The best way to see if you're one for the water is tubing the shoal creek right in downtown Lawrenceburg. You move slowly and the water is only 1 foot deep in most areas so have no fear in taking your kids with you. Crockett Shoals takes you by bus to the drop off area and you tube back to your vehicle. They have all the necessary items you'll need if you didn't bring them. The Crockett Shoals Tubing Company is a must during our hot summers in Lawrence county!

People in kayaks in iron city tn.

Shoal Creek Canoe Run

When you want to get serious about getting on the water in Lawrence county then you head to Iron City. The first place you get to on highway 227 is Shoal Creek Canoe Run along side Iron City Park. Getting up and going on the river is all taken care of by this family owned business. The store section sells everything you might need on the water. They also have campgrounds for primitive camping. Visit our page with the button below for our guide to Lawrence county waterways! 

kayaks on the trucks at upa creek in iron city tn.

Upa Creek Canoe Rentals

Just across the street from the Taco Shack inside Sycamore Creek Campgrounds is the Upa Creek Canoe Rentals. The location is perfect to start and end your canoe and kayak adventures. You can leave your car in the lot and get in a van to the input area and picked back up when the trip is through. They have all you need to be safe on the water, making them great for those new to kayaking. Make sure to check out our page devoted to water sports in Lawrence county!

More fun on your feet!

Paddle boats in david crockett park.

David Crockett State Park 

There is nothing like paddling a boat on Lindsey lake in David Crockett Park. These paddle boats are big enough to hold 4 adults with 2 people paddling. They also have other boards and boats for various to rent at the boat house. The park also has other sports complex areas and an outdoor workout area making David Crockett Park a must see for outdoor enthusiast. Make sure to see our page devoted to David Crockett Park by clicking the button below! 

Ladies playing disc golf in lawrence county tn.

4 Disc Golf Courses

Disc golf is one of the newest sports to come to Lawrence county. We have 4 area courses that vary greatly. All courses are free to play and great for the whole family. Scout Park course is the best for beginners. The course at St. Joe is a perfect combination of woods and open fields which is perfect for players who have no problem throwing a disc. Loretto and the course at the Farm Community are for those who can throw far with control. See our page for more!

Man swinging golf club wearing traditional golf attire.

2 Ball Golf Courses 

Traditional golf in Lawrence county is great. We have a country club course in Lawrenceburg that allows out of town players on Mondays so plan accordingly. The Dixie Oaks course in Summertown is a public course that attracts golfers from all over Tennessee. There are wide fairways for those who want to go long and shot making holes for those who like to shape their shots. The greens are always great and tend to challenge a great putter with a winding line. 

For those who just can't drive 55

Drag racing in lawrenceburg tn.

Highway 43 Drag strip 

The drag strip is a great way to get your motor running and see some great alcohol class race cars burn rubber down the track. We have several high earning races during the year that bring nationally known racers to this track in hopes of winning! The pits are open for fans to come by and watch them take the cars apart between rounds. This is great for kids to see the internals of the engines and the physics of what goes into getting a race car to the finish line first!

Dirt track race cars.

Thunder Hill Raceway Park

There aren't many dirt tracks in the country anymore so you'll really appreciate Thunder Hill Raceway Park. Just like the animated movies, you'll see first hand the front tires of these fast cars turn the opposite way as they slide around the curves in the track. They have a pit pass you can get to enter the pit area to see how the racers crew fix up the cars by putting the sheet metal back on because in dirt track racing "bumping is racing" is a very true statement. See our racing page for more!

Motorcycle riders jumping over a hill.

Local ATV Racing Tracks 

ATV racing and Motocross is big in Lawrence county. We have a large ATV and Motocross community and there are many places to race and climb in the area. If you go to an event then you'll be surprised how fast these ATV and Motorcycles and go and jump through the air! We have divisions for kids all the way up to the adult classes. There are trails in Westpoint TN that allow for you to bring our own ATV that are featured on our page!  

helicopters are also a choice at the lawrenceburg tn airport.

The Lawrence County Airport

Airplanes and helicopters are so much fun to ride in. Some of you may want to use air travel to Lawrence county and use the airport for your journey. There are many hangers and tie down location available if you have an aircraft or book a service. We have several aircraft in the hanger that have been fully restored and have even been on TV shows. The Lawrenceburg airport have tours you can take through the airport hanger and military history section. Rides and rentals are available but you must call ahead. Lesson are also available to those who want to fly their own aircraft in the future. The Lawrence county airport is great for kids as well with their Young Eagles programs. Anyone with interest in aviation would love the Lawrence county airport!

Off road car up on its nose about to crash.

Wheeling in the country

If you want the ride of your life and love the feeling of Adrenalin pumping through your fast beating heart then wheeling in the country is for you! At wheeling in the country you can ride the trails in your ATV or personal ride up and down the most frightful terrain you'll come across. If you're really in the mood for mud then get on their monster truck and go through the obstacle course that weaves through jumps, climbs, and ponds. I strongly urge you to bring a change of clothes and wear something you want to get dirty. Anything of importance should be left in your car because you're going for a bumpy ride on the monster truck! The area is closed during certain weekends so make sure to check out our page that has more information on how to book your trip to wheeling in the country!

For those who like firewood and firepower

Lady skeet shooter shooting trap.

Eagle Eye Shooting Range

There's nothing quite like putting a can on an old fence post and seeing if you can hit it with an old 22lr. Eagle Eye Shooting Range goes further than fence post to a full on shooting complex for every gun enthusiast out there. On one side they have clay target ranges and on the other side of the drive is an area devoted to rifle and pistol ranges. All outdoor with a cover. 3 gun ranges are also setup if you want to see how fast you can shoot. If you don't have a gun then you're in luck. They have a great rental selection and plenty of shells and rounds in the front area. Check out the button below for a full list! 

A family camping in a tent.

Various Local Camping Areas

In the Lawrence county we don't have any smoke stack industry so our air and water are good and pure. Sleeping outdoors or in a tent is one of the best ways to spend time with children and we have several places in our area to string up a tent and make a fire for marshmallows and stories. Safety is a big concern of ours in Lawrence county so all of the places mentioned in the button link below are well guarded and well reviewed. These campgrounds vary greatly from outdoor wagons in Amish country to lake side plots way out away from town. Click the button below to go to our page for a complete list!

Lady firearm shooter indoors at range.

Topgun Arms Indoor Range

Just down from Amish country is Topgun Arms. Here you can fire full auto machine guns inside a 12 lane indoor shooting range. They have a full selection of firearms and accessories to complete your weapon. If you need to get your permit to carry, firearm education, or fitness training you can also get these services along with Hinie's BBQ. The well armed woman group meets here for the lady who shoots, and due to the friendly, creative staff. Many brides bring their bridesmaids here for one more blast of a wedding party. There are also kids games where they shoot zombie targets or those who add score.

Outdoor Travel for the quiet-Woods Water and Wilderness

Sun coming up on lindsey lake.

Area Lakes and Rivers

A clear lake has always been associated with calm and relaxing. Lawrence county lakes and rivers exactly what you need to relax and clear your head. There are quite a few lakes and rivers in Lawrence county so make sure you see our page where we articulate the differences between them. We also share our tour of waterfalls and springs with you so be sure to click the button!

road that bends to the right

Scenic Driving Tours

Sometimes you just wanna get out and drive. We have maps where we draw out different driving tours and points of interest along the way. Our Amish driving tours will also keep you from getting lost while you're trying to follow the paper maps or print outs. Several of our routes are used by bikers so please click the button below and plan your next scenic drive! 

Waterfall in david crockett park.

Trail Hiking Wood Walks

A good walk in the woods would do everyone some good. We have some of the best walking trails around in the area. Make sure to click the button for a full list. David Crockett Park has the most interesting trail of all. The real trail of tears the native Americans used in 1839. This trial is one of the few places you can put your feet right on the same trail. 

The Old Order Amish Community draws the most visitors to Lawrence county! We made a whole website devoted to the Amish of Ethridge for our guest travelers.  This specialized website goes into more detail than we can here. We have a page devoted to our Amish Adventure areas here on Visit Lawrenceburg TN but our website Amish of Ethridge has the most comprehensive information.  

There is so much to say here about the Amish of Ethridge TN. Please go onto our Amish Adventures Page or our Amish of Ethridge TN website from the buttons above. Here is the quick story about them. The Amish in Ethridge Tennessee came to town in the 1940's from Mississippi to find good farmland. This particular order of Amish is from the Old Order Amish who still live as close as they can to the way the movement was started in the 1690's. You will find the Amish of Ethridge to be very primitive with no modern conveniences. Even the more popular orders from Ohio and Pennsylvania look modern compared to the Amish in Ethridge. A visitor to Lawrence county to see the Amish can truly have a life changing adventure here in Amish country!

Amish boys in wagon peeling corn.
Amish boy cutting grass.
Amish school house.
Amish buggies coming up the road.
Amish corn rows.
Amish washing day.

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